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Our Team

The Owner of Bay Area Transaction Management and one of our Transaction Coordinators is Rose Dove (formerly Rose Requio).  She is a Florida licensed real estate agent that serves as a transaction coordinator to Realtors all over the state.  Rose is a native Floridian; born in Tampa and has lived in the bay area her entire life.  She has an extensive management and legal background.  Rose has an associates degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.  She enjoys gardening and family time.  She currently resides with her husband and daughter in Palm Harbor.

One of our Transaction Coordinators is Yajaira (pronounce Jahirah) Torres, better known as Ya-Ya.  Ya-Ya was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts until the age of 12; at which time she moved to Bradenton, FL with her family and has been a Bradenton residence ever since.  She is a licensed real estate agent that serves as transaction coordinator to Realtors all over the state.  Ya-Ya previously worked with the Child Support Program of Manatee County Clerk of Court for the last 18 years.  Not long after earning her college degree in Fashion Design and Marketing (where she met her long time friend Rose Dove), she gave birth to her surprise baby girl, Nisa, whom has always been her pride and joy. In 2014, Ya-Ya decided it was time to buy her first home when discovered an interest in Real Estate.  While she was shopping for homes, she thought to herself “I can do this!” but where does she begin?  She began speaking with Rose about this wonderful opportunity of being a transaction coordinator and hasn't looked back.  Her significant other, Eric, has always given her the courage and the support to move forward.  Ya-Ya is now part of Bay Area Transaction Management Team and is ready to take on this new journey!  Welcome Ya-Ya!


Our Administrative Assistant, Crystal Spratt, has her degree in Business Management and has considerable experience in office/project management. Crystal is originally from the state of Maine but moved to Florida in 2018 when her husband was transferred by the Military. Crystal Currently resides in Palmetto with her husband, 2 children and dog. 

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